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Virginia Giant

The Virginia Giant Race Team started in 1985 and was one of the 1st 10 Monster Trucks to be built in the country. In 1994 the 2nd race truck was built and the original truck became a ride truck that seats 12 people in the back and has entertained people in many events. In 1997 the first of many toys arrived on the market including models, matchbox trucks rev-trucks, and play station games.

The Virginia Giant paint scheme was designed and painted by Chuck Buckler one of the top artist that designs and paints for some of the top NHRA drag racing teams. With our design and paint scheme along with a top of the line transporter, the Virginia Giant Race Team is well known on the circuit as one of the best appearing teams in the country.

After 25 years the Virginia Giant is still one of the top Monster Trucks in the country – winning 3 consecutive “Thunder National Championships”.

The Virginia Giant travels over 40,000 miles per year. Racing in many venues all over the country and has traveled to a number of foreign countries as well.